Day Of Infamy

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'A day which will live in infamy.' That was how President Franklin Delano Roosevelt described Dec. 7, 1941, as he one day later asked Congress to declare war against the Empire of Japan. Day of Infamy is a teamwork-oriented shooter that will keep you on your toes and coming back for more with its diverse game modes and authentic. $14.99 Visit the Store Page Most popular community and official content for the past week. Play Free Day of Infamy Game, Play Free Online Day of Infamy Game, Free Download Day of Infamy, Day of Infamy Cheats, Games Cheat:: Day of Infamy represents World War II events from the first-person view. Only you, your gun, and your teammates are there to confront the enemy. There is a wide range of weapons, including the Thompson submachine guns, various rifles, and even flamethrowers. Day of Infamy is an inspiring human document and the best account we have of one of the epic events in American history.

Borderlands 2: Assassin Madness Pack Download Free

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Genres/Tags: Action, Shooter, RPG, First-person, 3D
Companies: Gearbox Software, 2K Games
Languages: ENG/MULTI8
Original Size: 35.8 GB
Repack Size: from 10 GB [Selective Download]

Hearts Of Iron IV: Mobilization Pack

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This country pack add-on to Hearts of Iron IV has unique historical paths and events, including dramatic alternate histories, for the East European middle powers - Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia. Also adds more depth to the handling of equipment as you can now license or convert vehicles. Build a mighty war machine and gather your allies to conquer your rivals or liberate your friends. Hearts of Iron IV Mobilization Pack includes: Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition: The best-selling World War II strategy-wargame lets you take control of any nation on earth in the planet’s darkest hour.

Sudden Strike 4 - Finland: Winter Storm

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We Know The Devil

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